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Afternoon tea: OPEC & Robots

OPEC got his mojo back: Source: The rise of the robots: Source:   

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Afternoon tea: The end of ample liquidity?

Tightening of the ECB will come along with collateral damage: upward pressure on worldwide interest rates. The process has already started: Source: Jens Weidmann is likely to become the new president of the ECB. Lucky…

UK employment got saved by inflation

During my morning FTea (Financial Times + tea), I read an article by Chris Giles that contained some interesting graphs on the UK economy. However, I believe they might have been misinterpreted. The first graph was on…

Helicopter money – It works! It works!

Last year I wrote several articles on helicopter money in which I critisized the work of economists as Buiter (2016) and Boonstra (2016) who claimed that the implementation of helicopter money would guarantee higher inflation…